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Official Update Note 20/03/2021
Presale Stage ended:

Today the presale stage for our Governance Tokens (SAPG) officially ends, and users will no longer be able to purchase these tokens directly from us. As a result of the presale, we had a total of 392,550 unsold, and the treasury will be burning these in the coming days.

  • Roadmap released. We have released our roadmap and you can can check it through our 'About' page in our website. It is meant to be clear and self-explanatory, and should allow all of our users, investors and supporters to understand the way we are heading and how we are going to measure the progress.
  • Whitepaper updated. Our whitepaper was updated to better reflect the innovation and benefits brought by our platform, including the recently implemented multichain compatibility. You can check on the updated version of our whitepaper by clicking here.
  • Preliminary governance model released. We have just released our preliminary governance model for after the launch of the platform. In summary, we tried to achieve decentralised organisational efficiency, allowing community members to effectively decide on future changes to the protocol, community incentive programs, etc. We will refine and shape the final governance model, with the help of the community. The key elements for the governance of Swaap will be: The Council, The Treasury, The Vault, The Swaap Foundation. You can check on our Governance Model thread by clicking here.
  • Announcement thread updated. To accommodate the changes and updates, we have updated our Announcement Threads both in our official forum and on Bitcointalk.
  • Bitcointalk migration. As we will still maintain our Announcement Thread opened and updated on Bitcointalk, we have now migrated all the announcements to our official forum. What that effectively means is that from now own, all official announcements will be done here and not there anymore. The thread is still open and we will still actively respond to comments and discussions on Bitcointalk.
  • Review to Presale, IEO and ICO strategies. In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing our presale, IEO and ICO strategies, to better accommodate our funding targets.
  • Our Telegram Channel. We have decided to create a separate Telegram Channel, exclusively for announcements. We will slowly stop posting announcements in our Telegram Group, migrating these to our channel instead. We recommend all users to join, and you can do that by clicking here.

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