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Having Facebook Send Fan Page Invitations To Your Email Lists
Facebook offers fan page administrators the ability to invite people to their pages based on Costa Rica Email Address  . This article explains how to have Facebook send invitations Costa Rica Email Address  to your newsletter subscribers. Having your subscribers on your page increases your ability to communicate with them.

It's pretty simple...

The page administrator uploads a file with the Costa Rica Email Address  , then Facebook sends notifications to the Facebook users that match the Costa Rica Email Address  . If there is no Facebook account for an email address in the list, Facebook sends an Costa Rica Email Address  instead.

Having Facebook send invitations to your list to get them to like your page might seem like a waste of time, but it's not.

You see, chances are less than Costa Rica Email Address  of your subscribers open your newsletter. Sure you could send an invitation directly to your subscribers, but most of them would never see it.

Costa Rica Email Address  By having Facebook send the notices, you increase the chances your readers will see the invitations.
[Image: Costa-Rica-Email-List.png]
Note: Facebook doesn't seem to send these messages out for new fan pages. If you've just built your page Costa Rica Email Address  , you need to let it age for a month before you Costa Rica Email Address  follow these instructions. While your page is aging, you should link to your fan page in your regular newsletter.

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